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Conoce a Nuestros Veterinarios

Conoce a nuestro equipo de veterinarios. Cada uno aporta una mezcla única de experiencia y dedicación para garantizar la mejor atención para tus queridas mascotas.


Haz clic en sus fotos para descubrir más sobre sus especializaciones,

y lo que los hace una parte invaluable de nuestra clínica.

High School

CVA Program

High school interns at the Veterinary Hospital of New Waverly observe surgeries, assist with medications, and help care for patients, gaining practical experience under our veterinary team's guidance.We work closely with local high schools to enable students to become more informed and skilled, creating a solid foundation for them in the veterinary field.  

College Internships

Interns at the Veterinary Hospital of New Waverly participate in surgical procedures, administer medications, and are involved in the care and treatment of both inpatients and outpatients, gaining hands-on experience under the supervision of our skilled

veterinary team.



Our shadowing programs allow students to observe our veterinarians and technicians in action. This program is ideal for those considering a career in veterinary medicine and seeking to gain insight into the daily operations of a veterinary hospital.

How to Apply

If you are interested in our educational programs, click the link below and fill out the application. We look forward to helping you embark on your journey in veterinary science.

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